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me & my path

I was born and grew up in the beautiful Hispaniola, in the sun-full half-island of Dominican Republic. It is there that movement became part of my story from early childhood. My parents are amateur athletes - together we spent evenings and weekends sailing in the Caribbean Sea, cycling and roller-blading in the park near our home. I also played and competed in a number of sports in school and at university: tennis, volleyball, squash; and was an avid gym-goer and a devoted dancer.


I still remember my first yoga class in 2008, in a little church hall in Oxford (UK), where I now live. 'Yoga is good for stretching', they'd said, and great for dealing with the stresses of my doctoral-student life, I soon discovered. The fact is, it would turn out to be so much more. 


After my DPhil (that's what they call PhDs in Oxford), I practiced yoga to nurse my sports-injured body and my chronically-tired mind back to health. Yoga helped me to shine a light on my anxious thoughts and on my unhealthy relationship with food and body image. In yoga, I found the space to observe these behaviours, feel the emotions attached to them and, over time, watch them take the backseat. I feel freer and lighter because I practice yoga. I am more patient, spiritual, compassionate and loving. Was I all of those things before yoga? Yes - the practice helped me see that.


my philosophy and teaching styles

The practice has become my path of self-healing, self-discovery and self-realisation. It is a path I now like to share with others.  I humbly aspire to offer personable, considered, intelligent and authentic support to others on their individual journeys.


My intention is to create spaces where students can take deeper breaths; where they will come to feel inspired, curious, stimulated and grounded. My wish for you is that you will learn so much about your own needs that you will be able to see your own way through what is holding you back. My wish for you is that this will allow you to develop your own definition of strength and flexibility, and give you more energy to live your life and share it with others. 

As an eternal student of the practice, my journey is currently centred on offering Forrest-inspired movement. This is a style named after Ana Forrest - the legendary medicine woman who saved her own life by practicing, teaching and developing this mind-blowing practice. Forrest Yoga is dynamic and luxuriously slow. It is built on the four pillars of Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. You can read Ana Forrest’s remarkable story in Fierce Medicine. 

my other offerings

Since 2020, I have joined the teacher teaching faculty of Nourish Yoga Training.. I also offer journalling workshops and creative content creation for yoga studios and wellbeing businesses.

I am a storyteller at heart. With my academic background in Literature and Creative Writing, I am passionate about offering individuals as well as businesses an exploratory canvas that will lead them to discover their unique personal stories. Please get in touch for more information about these or any other of my offerings.

I am eternally grateful to my teachers Alessandro Gozzi, Ana Forrest, Harriet McAtee, Mary Dana Abbott and Charlie Speller for so much love, support and wisdom over the years.

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