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Me & My Yoga Podcast Episode 11

Last summer 2020, I had the honour of being a guest in Harriet Paget's (@yoga.harriet) inspiring podcast Me & My Yoga.

One of the few joys I experienced during a year of isolation and uncomfortable uncertainty due to Covid-19, was meeting Harriet virtually. She came to my classes because of our shared love of Forrest Yoga (and her incredible skill of knowing who's who in the Forrest-Yoga-sphere). Throughout the summer we became friends and even ended up doing a Poppy Perinatal Teacher Training together (of course, also online).

In this episode, we talk about how I discovered yoga and why it stuck with me. It was so enjoyable to remember that time and to reflect on my journey of embracing this art of teaching as my full-time occupation. We also talk about why we both love Forrest Yoga, where I would like to see the business of yoga move towards (more inclusivity and accessibility...), and how my relationship with Forrest Yoga Abdominals has changed!

I hope you enjoy this episode, and please do share any comments or thoughts below!

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