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Developing a self-practice can be so rewarding. You can practice when you need it and in your own space. You can rent from my library of classes for as little as £4/video or I can help you build sequences that you will love and that work for your body. This offering is the perfect fusion between group and private classes, especially if you are on a budget or if live classes do not suit your schedule.

rent a class from my library

let me design you a personalised sequence 

It thrills me to be able to offer you this option. When I started practicing yoga and I really wanted to work privately with a teacher, I could not afford to (I still can't!). I created this offering to support those who want the benefits of having a private tutor, but cannot afford weekly or semi-regular one-to-one classes. 


This could be a fantastic opportunity to work on a particular skill or pose, or to benefit from personalised support while pregnant or postnatal, as a result of an injury or longer term condition. Working together in this way can be an exploratory adventure. We discover together where you would like your yoga journey to evolve to, and I will support you in creating sequences that you can practice in your own time to get you there.

We can go at your pace. You can have a sequence a week, bi-weekly or monthly, for any length of time. This is me, helping you build your own self-practice. This class can work very well for those with complicated schedules, pregnant or post-natal people or those who are studio and/or live-streaming shy.

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