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group classes

group yoga in Oxford studios and online live from home

I teach all around Oxford (UK) and also online. So, whether you are local to Oxford and looking for an in-studio class with other yogis, or whether you prefer the virtual studio group practice in the comfort of your own space, there is a class for you!


See the range of studios I teach for in my schedule and book a class near you. If you prefer to practice remotely, I also now offer virtual classes through Zoom. I take care in making the online experience as nurturing and cocooning as the studio one, so I hope you’ll join me in making your at-home practice a sanctuary space.

* I am not currently teaching any public group classes.

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“I have never imagined yoga being my thing, and my first ever class was supposed to be just a one-off during lockdown, mostly out of curiosity. Almost a year later, I am totally hooked to Sarah’s practice. A perfect balance of knowledge, passion, and kindness...with a hint of poetry every now and then!” - Ilenia

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“Sarah makes classes light hearted and fun while focusing on precision and facilitating progress towards what I wanted to get out of private classes. She is warm, knowledgeable and compassionate” – Katie

private classes

one-to-one & small group practice just for you

I am passionate about yoga being a companion through the seasons and circumstances of our lives. We are all unique and sometimes in need of a little more personalised support. Sometimes we might want to pamper ourselves or other people - gift a private or small group class to a loved one or to colleagues in the workplace. I work with individuals and small groups tailoring the experience they are looking to have to their personal needs, injuries or conditions.


let me support your home practice

Developing a self-practice can be so rewarding. You can practice when you need it and in your own space. You can rent from my library of classes or I can help you build sequences that you will love and that work for your body. This offering is the perfect fusion between group and private classes, especially if you are on a budget or if live classes do not suit your schedule.

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Well-planned and challenging classes whilst maintaining a calming and sympathetic approach. She manages to strike a balance between relaxation and building strength and flexibility in one class, which I think is quite special” – Laura

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